The IMPERIAL for Prince & Princess - 210 Minutes
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The Imperial is a comprehensive package where you are treated from head to toe;  your coronation begins with a light herbal tea as you complete our get acquainted form. Depending on your schedule and budget we also offer The ROYAL  and REGAL (see table below).

Your palace quarters as requested shall be tranquil, relaxing and most comfortable throughout your reign which is 2.0 hours.  You will be escorted to your Royal chambers where your  “Royal Highness” will be doused down with a hot towel.  At her/his royal higness option a heated blanket shall be provided for additional comfort, while covered in clean crisp linen.

Our first order of business is to create a calm state of mind & body starting with a scalp, face neck  and shoulder massage as well a lymph massage around the ears and nose to clear your sinuses.   approx. 20 mins.

With your mind relaxed you will be brought back to your royal chambers for a full body relax or therapeutic or hot stone massage. approx. 45 mins.  Next, will be asked to turn over on your front where you will be treated with a lymph body massage designed to increase your metabolism and boost your immune systems while cleansing your body of built up waste and toxins, OR You can chose instead traditional body massage such as shiatsu, Swedish and Tuina therapies. 25 mins. Thereafter, we pamper your royal highness hands, feet and toes.   30 mins.

75 Mins Swedish Massage, Advanced Facial, Full Body Exfoliation, Reflexology , Manicure & Spa Pedicure.  Incls light snacks, herbal tea. 210 Minutes = 3 - 1/2 Hours

Enjoy FREE Upgrade Hot Stone or Lava Paraffin Massage

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The IMPERIAL for Prince & Princess - 210 Minutes

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